Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mixed spring greens

The saga of the kitchen garden continues. It remains my favorite garden spot - confined, rustic, and eclectic. I am ignoring the shade, and the moss. As a matter of fact one of my small raised beds has become a moss covered japanese maple bed, right next to the soapstone water fountain. Everything is growing well. Radishes are mingling with roses. Clematis vines are entangling the plum branches, next to the jostaberries. Lettuce, spinach and arugula are rampant and delicious. The plum tree is laden with fruit, unfortunately most of them will drop before maturity due to lack of sunshine.

And today I planted my first potatoes. I was tearing up as I pushed the ugly nodes into their trenches. Potatoes were my later father's favorite crop. He was a master potato grower and each year he had a competition with a dear neighbor to see who could harvest the first sweet white new potatoes. All methods were allowed to secure the win... I miss pappa terribly, and I am thinking that my potato growing efforts would have made him proud.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

moss covered

I love moss. I love the intricacy when you examen the plants up close. I love the soft texture and the brilliant hues. It is a lovely plant, much more appealing than grass. The problem is that my moss is most prolific in the kitchen garden, where sun loving vegetables, and cut flowers are supposed to grow. Every bed is covered with moss to some degree. Naturally the problem is a lack of sun, which will cause problems this growing season. Over time our once sun filled garden plot has become more and more shady, mostly from our neighbor's rampant growing trees. So it is time to rethink. More blueberries, and lettuce, less peppers and tomatoes? Suggestions anyone?

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