Saturday, October 17, 2009

raspberry rescue

Several years ago I planted some red raspberry plants along our back fence, envisioning a glorious raspberry patch basking in the sheltered sunshine producing an abundance of delicious berries for my morning breakfast. Well, the raspberries are now overtaken by rambling grape vines, full grown mulberry trees, and stubborn trumpet vines. The berry canes are slowly suffocating and harvesting them has become an impossible task.

This morning I bundled up, fueled myself with coffee, and set out on operation raspberry rescue. Just finding the remaining canes were a challenge, but I managed to dig out five healthy and still happy plants. They were transfered to the two shady beds in the kitchen garden where I am hoping they will have a somewhat easier existence. Once in place I realized they are the true ever bearing variety - several of them still had blooms and immature fruits.

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